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Giving feedback? This is how you do it in a good, constructive manner

Giving feedback is probably not your favorite part of your job. While it’s necessary and instructive, chances are you’ll hurt someone. Maybe even damage a relationship. By giving feedback in a good way, you’ll be able to prevent this. This is how you leave someone feeling good:

Turn it into something positive

Giving feedback is important for someone’s growth. Doing an internship for half a year with a good mentor can give you a head start within no-time compared to those who don’t receive the needed attention. Realize that when you give feedback, you’re helping someone. Apparently, you find that person and their tasks important enough to take time out of your day to give feedback. Show people this is how you see it. Giving feedback is a win-win.

Acknowledge what is going well

And not per se or only on moments where you’re also giving negative feedback. Throughout the week, let someone know you appreciate what they are doing, creating and contributing. Only speaking to someone when something goes wrong doesn’t work all too motivating. Make it a Micro Habit to see the good things someone’s doing and to show your appreciation for that.

Listen and discuss

Have you given your feedback? Good. Now listen to what the recipient has to say. What does that person think about the feedback? Is it received the right way? What was someone’s train of thought? And does that person have an idea on how to do it better next time? By listening to someone and letting them think along, you make someone feel seen.

Ask how someone would like to receive feedback

Sometimes it can be this simple. Ask everyone you’re giving feedback to how they’d prefer to receive it. While one probably prefers to get a list full of things that (they) could improve, straight to the point, the other might need a bit more confirmation and positive words. Communication is key.

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