Small solution for a big problem

Gain insight as an employer into how small habits lead to reduced stress complaints and the improvement of employee resilience and engagement.

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Yvonne Lutkie, HR manager at Salesmarketeer

"As HR manager it is difficult to know about the habitual routines of our people. That’s a little private. But it was very valuable to see how much there is still to gain here to book better successes as a team. And even though I have a good relation with everyone, I still learned a lot. Especially the results on stress were an eyeopener to me and makes it all the more relevant."


What is your investment?

Time +/- 5 minutes per employee

You will receive a link to the questionnaire. It consists of 29 questions. All you have to do is ask your employees to fill it out.

Example Scan

What do you get in return?

Instant insight

Once the Scan has been completed, you will receive a report that will give you immediate insight into the stress and sleep complaints, resilience and engagement of your employees. During a video call we translate this into concrete results: what can you expect in terms of less absenteeism and better performance?

Example Report

And after that?

The 45-Day Program

After this conversation, you know what our app-based and gamified Micro Habit Program can bring your team or organisation. In a fun and approachable way, employees learn to develop five small, strong and healthy habits that take no longer than five minutes a day.

The Habit Challenge

Don't wait any longer

The Micro Habit Company

Our mission is helping professionals to improve their work and private life with the help of small, powerful and healthy habits in a way that is fun AND works.


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