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Thanks to Micro Habits. For the new (performance) generation.

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At least 45% of our behaviour is habitual

By changing your habits, you change your life. But if it was that simple, why isn't everyone doing it already? We are the Micro Habit expert for young professionals. As many as 1 in 2 of them always feel stressed [1]. Imagine what this means for their happiness, mental well-being, performance and the future of your organization?

Micro Habits

Small habits that never take more than 5 minutes. That's why, at first glance they might not seem like much. But that's exactly the secret: small daily improvements that have a significant positive effect over a longer period of time.


Our Micro Habit coaches are experts in behavior and habit change and use this knowledge to guide employees in realizing lasting change.

Habit Tracker

Tools with which employees can track their habits and gain daily insight into how they are doing - something that you easily forget if you constantly live on autopilot.

We have an eye for

1 Developing powerful healthy habits

2 Young Professionals: the leaders of the future

3 The Management of this new (performance) generation

1% better every day

Habits are the Compound Interest of Self Improvement.
- James Clear

Micro Habits. Macro Results.

There is often a big difference between what we want and what we actually do. We all want to change something: eat healthier, use our phone less, exercise more, be more productive, sleep better, etc. Why is this often difficult? Because it requires a change in habits.

At i45 we help you Young Professionals to learn small, simple, healthy habits. Habits that have been proven effective in reducing stress and increasing performance.


1 Stress-resistant, enthusiastic employees

2 An inspired high performing team

3 Useful HR insights

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The 10 effective Micro Habits

Discover for free what 10 Micro Habits really do have a proven effect on the stresslevel, engagement and performance of employees.


Micro Habit Scan

Get immediate insight into the small changes in behaviour that can prevent stress complaints and increase performance.


Micro Habit 45-Day Program

Change your habits, change your life. In this 45-Day Program we help your employees to master powerful Micro Habits. Using tips, humor, nudging, and supported by a Micro Habit coach.

We are the Micro Habit expert for the (new) performance generation. So that they not only fly faster, but also fall less hard.

We want to show that small healthy habits are the secret to sustainable performance.

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