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  • 24/7 e-coaching, self-development and support. 100% safe and secure

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24/7 e-coaching, self-development and support. 100% safe and secure

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44% of young professionals are always stressed

44% of young professionals are always stressed

Current young professionals grew up with the believe that as long as you work hard for it, you can become anything you want. Because ‘sleeping is a waste of time’ and ‘feeling a bit burned out is just part of it’. Yet, science shows the opposite. We don’t have to sacrifice our well-being to perform optimally. In fact, personal growth and well-being are critical for high performance and a high quality of life. The most effective way to increase our personal growth and well-being? Micro Habits.

With i45 in your pocket you take back charge over your daily routine and well-being.

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The best coach for you

We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’. We believe in the best match for you, adjusted to your challenges or goal. That is why our coaches have a wide variety in backgrounds: career coaching, mindfulness, ACT, cognitive behavioural therapy and sports psychology. But, one thing is the same: they all help you break your goals down into small sustainable steps.

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Our platform: a short tour


Develop strong healthy habits

  • Start with a personal Growth Assessment
  • Go through our Journey at your own pace in Dutch or English
  • Choose from 11 Themes and over 300 Micro Habits
  • Step-by-step guidance through video and text

Oversight into your progress and increase your self-awareness

  • Set goals based on who you want to be
  • Check in with yourself with the Daily Check-in
  • Habit Tracker for both good and bad habits

Get into contact with your coach whenever and wherever you want

  • Video calls and micro coaching via chat
  • Send messages or voice memos
  • On mobile, tablet and laptop

Manage your own calendar on-the-go

  • Sync your Gmail, iCal or Outlook agenda
  • Make an appointment in one click
  • Tailored reminders

Coaches featured

Myrthe Frederix, psychologist

“As a psychologist I specialize in ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) and mindfulness. A trajectory with me helps you discover what you really want. ”

Daan van Lith, happiness coach

“What makes us happy as humans? I am passionate about that. I am happy to help you with questions about passion, happiness and vitality by combining thinking and doing. ”

Yenny Velasco, life therapist

As a certified life therapist I help to increase your emotional intelligence and give direction to your life with more self-determination.

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