Employees measurably feel better with the help of small, powerful and healthy habits.

Discover the power of Micro Habits

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Bas Vliegenthart, Lead Well-being PwC NL

Within PwC, we are fans of i45! We believe in the power of integrating healthy habits into your daily routine. The program is accessible and easy to follow, which ensures high participation. In addition, team participation strengthens the mutual connection in the department. It's very powerful to see, through a measurement before and after, the impact we have made on the well-being of our participants!

Employees aren’t feeling well

All you have to do is watch the news or read through the newspaper. As an employer you are worried. We understand.
And also: we do something about it.
Curious to know how?

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1 in 2 Young Professionals experiences stress on a daily basis (Deloitte)

1 in 3 employee absenteeism is due to mental health issues (NN)

1 in 4 young adults is mentally unhealthy (CBS)

1 in 5 employees switched jobs the past year because of a lack of development opportunities. (UWV)

6 in 10 employees say that their employer doesn’t do anything about their mental well-being (VNO-NCW)

The solution is simpler than you might think

Our behavior consists for at least 45% out of habits. If you want to change how you feel and perform, the most effective thing to do is change your habits.

Sounds good, in theory. But practically this raises one question: how? And what habits?

We discovered that you only need a few of these small, powerful and healthy habits to truly make a difference. We call these Micro Habits.

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Habits are the Compound Interest of Self Improvement.
- James Clear

1% better every day

Build small healthy habits

In our app-based and gamified Micro Habit program, employees develop 5 small, powerful and healthy habits. In an accessible way that is fun and actually works! These Micro Habits take less than 5 minutes and are scientifically proven. This program provides measurably less stress and sleep complaints and more resilience and enthusiasm within 45 days.

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Support a good cause

Participants will take on a challenge in teams. We donate 4,5% of the investment per program to the good cause that the winning team chose. This means that every euro that is invested will not only be invested in the well-being and vitality of your employees, but also in concrete help.

The current good causes we donate to:

Planting trees

Micro credits

Shelter for homeless people

Donate meals

Clean drinking water

What we offer


The most effective Micro Habits

Discover the ten most effective habits. These habits are proven to be effective when it comes to lowering stress and increasing the well-being and vitality of employees.


Micro Habit Scan

Get an insight as an employer into how new habits can lead to less stress complaints and absenteeism and how they can improve employee resilience and engagement.


Micro Habit Program

In this app-based and gamified 45-Day Micro Habit program, employees develop five small, powerful and healthy habits in a way that is approachable, but above all that is fun AND works!

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The Micro Habit Company

Our mission is helping professionals to improve their work and private life with the help of small, powerful and healthy habits in a way that is fun AND works.


Rob van Drunen, Co-Founder

rob@i45.nl / +31 6 14 29 29 03

't Hoog 5, 5268 LL, Helvoirt