The 10 effective Micro Habits

Discover the 8 most effective Micro Habits
for 40% less stress and 20% more productivity.

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Management of the new (performance generation, who don't only want them to fly faster, but to also fall less hard.

The secret behind habit change

Applicable every day

Backed by science

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Lonneke Nouwens, CEO Frisse Blikken

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"From our trainees we expect only that they continue to learn and develop themselves as working professionals. As a CEO I am constantly looking for new inspiration and tools to help them with this. The i45 approach and the effectiveness of Micro Habits really speaks to me."

We are the Micro Habit expert for the (new) performance generation. So that they not only fly faster, but also fall less hard.

We want to show that small healthy habits are the secret to sustainable performance.

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