Take the Habit Challenge

App-based and gamified program

Develop five small, powerful and healthy habits

In only five minutes per day for 45 days

The best thing is that it is fun AND actually works!

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Anneloe van de Wijdeven, Senior Associate PwC

“It's alive!! I hear people talking about it in the department and I also see interaction in the app. Furthermore, I really notice a feeling of compture among colleagues. I also notice a lot of difference! Thanks to the Micro Habit program, I now put my phone away in the evening!”

The i45 Experience

Step 1: Kick-Off

Participants get inspired and activated. They make teams and choose a good cause.

Step 2: Baseline measurement

Based on 29 questions, we chart current habits, stress and sleep symptoms, resilience and engagement.

Step 3: Habit Challenge

Using both the app and the help from a Micro Habit Coach, participants develop five different Micro Habits over the course of five weeks.

Step 4: Final measurement

Understanding the (personal/management) dashboard with the measurable results of new habits, stress and sleep issues, resilience and enthusiasm.

Step 5: Wrap-Up

The winners will be announced, and participants get practical tips to keep building habits after the program has ended.

Our whole program, including the ten Micro Habits, in one overview?

The program is gamified!

Score points by checking off your Micro Habits in your Habit Tracker. And the higher your streak, the higher your multiplier. There are also different achievements to gain. Who will be your Micro Habit Master? And which team of 4-8 participants earns the most points and donates via i45 to their chosen Charity?

Support a good cause

Participants will take on a challenge in teams. We donate 4,5% of the investment per program to the good cause that the winning team chose. This means that every euro that is invested will not only be invested in the well-being and vitality of your employees, but also in concrete help.

The current good causes we donate to:

Planting trees

Micro credits

Shelter for homeless people

Donate meals

Clean drinking water

The i45 Demo

The Micro Habit Company

Our mission is helping professionals to improve their work and private life with the help of small, powerful and healthy habits in a way that is fun AND works.


Rob van Drunen, Co-Founder

rob@i45.nl / +31 6 14 29 29 03

't Hoog 5, 5268 LL, Helvoirt