40% less stress in 45 days.
You want that for your colleagues too, right?

44%* of Young Professionals experience more stress on a daily basis than they can tolerate in the long term. But they prefer not to say it. At least, until they report to your agency with a burnout or letter of resignation. Would you like to know how do we prevent that?
Then read on.

* Source: Deloitte

Selection of our customers

Solution: Micro Habits

i45 helps Young Professionals to develop small healthy habits so that they have less stress, feel better about themselves and take a step further in their development every day. And through continuous positive feedback and support, we ensure that they can be satisfied with the step they have taken today.

How it works


Breath for minutes


Send a positive message


Set your priorities


Drink water every morning


Shower off cold


Experience gratitude


Scan: With the help of our questionnaire we (anonymously) determine the stress experience and engagement in your organization.


Intervention: In 45 days your colleagues develop at least 5 healthy Micro Habits. They do not do this alone, but together with colleagues.

In addition, they have a habit coach as a personal helpline.


GAP-analysis and Evaluation: At the end of the program you will discuss the results with our experts and you will learn how to sustainably guarantee behavioral change and prevent relapse.

The result

In addition to a 40% lower stress experience, i45 provides 20% more engagement and your colleagues learn effective techniques to strengthen their mental well-being and resilience at their own pace.

Resulting in: better performance.

Lonneke Nouwens, CEO Frisse Blikken

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"From our trainees we expect only that they continue to learn and develop themselves as working professionals. As a CEO I am constantly looking for new inspiration and tools to help them with this. The i45 approach and the effectiveness of Micro Habits really speaks to me."

Yvonne Lutkie, HR manager at Salesmarketeer

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"As HR manager it is difficult to know about the habitual routines of our people. That’s a little private. But it was very valuable to see how much there is still to gain here to book better successes as a team. And even though I have a good relation with everyone, I still learned a lot. Especially the results on stress were an eyeopener to me and makes it all the more relevant."

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